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16 Apr 2012 — No Comments

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Concept Model

The Concept stage of the design seemed to sneak up after a slow start. It was a strange thing to invent a project and not something I was prepared for. Almost no constraints made for a dangerous parameter, especially for a person like me who has trouble restraining their imagination at the best of times. Even though I had a base idea for the project, the idea of it developing from an idea that I had simply invented into an architectural solution was, well….terrifying.

The initial development revealed an investigation into the spaces left over on the site. I had been left with an assortment of in-fill spaces which ranged from a cube like heart to the site and an alleyway, to the existing spaces and the areas above and below them.  Madanipour’s book “Public and Private Spaces of the City” led me to explore the relationship between the public and private functions on the site [art gallery and rehabilitation respectively] which led to a diagram expressing these left over spaces as a tying element between the two. This diagram is very much about the differing relationships [visual, audible, tactile] of the occupants, and how this affected the occupation of the spaces.

First Floor Plan

Connections across these spaces show the literal interpretation of connections between public and private across a void space. All circulation occurs through this central void as a means of constant communication with the other functions of the building. This forged a series of forced relationships between users at numerous points, offering a series of points of refuge as an opposing force allowing the occupant to choose when this engagement may occur. This space right across the project became the element connecting a very vertical project. It offered a space not only for circulation, but also for artwork to be released from its enclosed gallery setting out to the public streets and alleyways engaging further with the community.

The use of light throughout this submission has become a significant driving element. With the control of light, comes the chance to create very powerful spaces in terms of the effect of space on the psyche. While I have begun to explore this, it is clear that the importance of such a simple element is going to amplify as it works it way further into the program.

Section through accommodation and void “Heart”

Sketch of the alleyway connecting the project

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