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03 May 2012 — No Comments

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Upon researching further into Madanipour’s writings, I have developed a diagram of human interaction as broken into three zones. The Mind, the Body, and Personal Space. These three elements cover human interaction and the level at which they occur, as well as the behaviour of the party when encroachment occurs within each of these zones.

Diagram_Mind Body Personal

THE MIND: a very private and personal zone which is able to be completely controlled by the psyche of the person. Access to such an interaction is restricted to the most private encounters with a select few, or even perhaps completely void of interaction.

THE BODY: some interaction takes place with those allowed. Unwelcome encroachment is met with unease and is quickly adjusted to remove such interaction. This form of contact is closely mediated by the mind as the body becomes a catalyst to express some of the minds least private and least personal responses.

PERSONAL SPACE: this space is frequently invaded by the unknown. It is an imaginary space which is often respected while ample space is available, however, personal space is modified with the space available. More constricted spaces [such as crowded rooms] require a much more accepting invasion of personal space. Although invasion of this space is frequent, the psyche will do most anything to respond to invasion to avoid this contact encroaching at the level of the body.

Therapy spaces: nurturing to human form and psyche with womb-like enclosure

These three levels of interaction give an insight into the mind and how interaction is modified in differing situations. Only when one is completely comfortable, trusting, and without risk of unwanted exposure may the body and to a higher extent, the mind, be accessed. This becomes a crucial diagram in the development of numerous aspects of the project, ranging from the therapy spaces which require the most intimate and probing interaction of the mind, to the public gallery space where the personal space of the individuals psyche is constantly invaded by the public.

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