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Schematic – Muloobinba

Posted by chris

01 Jun 2012 — No Comments

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Time for a long overdue update following the completion of the schematic phase of my final year project.

As will soon become apparent, I have now moved the entire project onto the floating dock.  As noted in my previous proposal, the strategy of harvesting steel from the dock to use on the land did not value the the structural integrity and function of the machine.  Reconsidering the site boundaries, it became increasingly apparent that the dock is a ship and should maintain a certain level of autonomy, as opposed to being dissected and tethered to the land.  As the dock becomes the focus of the project, it allows the Bauhaus-style “House of Making” to take a back-seat – this was a theme that I had investigated before I had found a site to give my project a backbone, and one that I had viewed with trepidation for being a topic too close to home.

The following images are my slides for the presentation.  Encouraged by our professor Mark Taylor, I chose to present my proposal as work-in-progress, an approach that recognizes this submission as a notional halfway mark en-route to the final crit in November.


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