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Watched and gazed upon body

Posted by Jemima

31 Jul 2012 — No Comments

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This transformation of the political anatomy of the body has been
polyvalent. One of Foucault’s principal contributions to social science
has been to describe this ordering of the body politic in and through
and ()ver the body physical (bio-power). The ordering of, surveillance
over, and control of the body in schools and universities, barracks and
camps, prisons and scaffolds, monasteries and factories, asylums and
hospitals, indeed in all the micro-institutions of society, shape
‘obedient subjects’ and ‘docile bodies’ and society itself. Foucault
summarizes the matter epigrammatically, and enigmatically: ‘The
soul [psyche, subjectivity, personality, consciousness, etc.] is the effect
and instrument of a political anatomy; the soul is the prison of the Tomb, temple, machine and self  body’. This is not only a capsi7ing of Platonist and traditional Christian values, but it also creates a fresh political-economy of the


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