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Technical Design

Posted by Jemima

18 Sep 2012 — No Comments

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For this phase of the project we were to choose a part of out building to detail. Continuing on with the direction of my developed design phase, I chose to do the Redmarket, and specifically the counterweights and procedure measurement.

Categorisation of type and result of procedure is displayed to a user privy to the information presented though the semiotics of the measuring weights. All measuring weights begin in a position flush with the alter top, and incrementally rise as numbers of surgeries within a particular category are preformed within the building. All measuring weights operate independent of each other and the three main counterweights. They are each constructed of a different material, but are identical in size and proportion. A layering of plates strung together with 15mm stainless steel, separated with m40 stainless steel bolts acts as the measurement notches.  Measurement is cyclical with and symbiotic with fashion seasons. (4 months per cycle). After which, the measuring weights will fall back flush with the alter and begin their rise again. Categorised data of surgeries that are a la mode is displayed

Surgeries that may fall into each category is open to one’s own personal interpretation and attitudes.

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