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The exhibition is part of a 30 year tradition where students’ works are displayed for members of the architectural profession and construction industry, community representatives and general public.

This year’s exhibition is titled ‘Echoes’.  This year, many projects are architecture reflections of the memory and history of site, time, nature and humanity. These ‘echoes’ expressed in various schemes throughout the 2013 MoA, in response to research avenues explored by each student, are multitudinous and often ambiguous, revealing layers of meaning endeavouring to unearth a deeper meaning in architecture and an expression of hope for its future.

Students have chosen to undertake projects on sites within Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne as well as throughout Asia. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please click HERE for more details.


NEWCASTLE: Christ Church Cathedral

46 Newcomen St, Newcastle NSW 2300


Wednesday 27th of November, 6pm


Thursday 28th November


SYDNEY: Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay

One night only

Friday 6th December, from 6pm


Catering for both the Newcastle and Sydney Opening Nights is generously sponsored by Lillies and Limes Gourmet Catering.

Newcastle Catering