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The Refuge‬ by Nur Afifah Intanjudin


LOCATION:  ‪Cathedral Park, Newcastle‬

Domestic violence goes beyond the physical realm. It is the displacement of the victim’s essence of Self from the world through isolation. Hence, the recovery involves the process of reaffirmation of one’s place within the society and the world. Psychological and emotional healing as an act of pilgrimage to make oneself whole again, a journey to a sacred place. In this case, Sacred is the Self.

The project is a development of a transitional accommodation for women and children recovering from domestic violence; located within the proximity of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. It fills in the gap between women’s refuges and exit houses that are currently available in Australia. The aim is to eliminate isolation during their critical emotional healing phase. Essence and meaning from precedence of sacred architecture are reinterpreted and adapted throughout the project to signify thresholds and intricacies of psychological and emotional healing.

Nur Afifah Intanjudin