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A “Hawker Culture” Hub @ Central by Farah Yussof

The delicate food culture of Malaysian “Hawker Stalls” have been declining in number drastically due to the rapid developments and lack of acknowledgment in Kuala Lumpur. To conserve and preserve this National street food culture, this project emerge as the first “Hawker Hub” in the area that serves as an open market, community centre, performance space, boutique accommodation and provides amenities for Hawkers and the public.

Investigating the symbiotic relationship between retail, markets, the street and “Hawkers”, that initiated the emergence of Hawkers, amalgamated with the flexibility and metallic tactility of a Hawker cart influencing design; becomes the concept manifested into a new architecture itself.

‘Flexibility’ becomes the catalyst that drives the architecture, allowing the public and Hawkers to dominate the ground plane with street activities. Reflecting from the activities, they give ‘colour’ and “movement” to the monochrome neutral nature of the building, completing the overall look and aesthetics of the new “Hawker Hub”.