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Gosford Waterfront Park & Aquatic Centre by Aaron Hughes


The waterfront of Gosford NSW should be the pride of the city, However for many years it has been unable to achieve its potential. As it stands, the waterfront is underutilised and dominated by a public swimming pool in urgent need of repair and large arterial roads which constrict the waterfront space. For the city to flourish it needs to take advantage of these beautiful natural surroundings and provide the community with active and safe recreational spaces to change the declining attitudes towards the city.

The new parkland space will include a lagoon that will sit safely behind the existing sandstone foreshore wall, providing a safe swimming experience away from the open water. Separated from the open water this lagoon will allow people to enjoy the water despite the conditions of Brisbane Water and create water edge spaces for families to picnic and socialise. The new aquatic centre has be designed with the community in mind and will incorporate new facilities to broaden the services offered by the existing facility.

The aim behind this development is build upon the positive attributes the site currently provides for the people of the Gosford and Central Coast by redesigning the current facilities and introducing new vibrant and active urban waterfront spaces. Existing areas of the site that were in the past used only as a point of access to the waterfront will become part of the waterfront experience providing a multitude of new public spaces and active waterfront activities for the people of the community.

Aaron Hughes