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Academy of Physical Theatre by Elise Honeyman

Academy of Physical Theatre & Stagecraft

Newcastle’s theatrical community are the city’s contemporary storytellers, and during Newcastle’s shift in identity it is more important than ever to support this otherwise suffering profession. The Academy of Physical Theatre and stagecraft, is an education facility which engages with the public realm on a site that will connect multiple converging pedestrian zones within Newcastle.

Poised on the edge of an old ramped coal rail corridor and steep parkland, with an existing pedestrian pathway running through it, the project explores the condition of the edge and the threshold between the street and a private space. The school endeavours to create a shared processional zone, which engages with the public and students imagination and notions of storytelling through the processes of theatre.

Along this linear zone the school is programmed to invert the typology of theatre and expose the public to the stagecraft and production behind a performance taking the intangible fleeting experience of performance and translating it into a series of processes. The project explores the way architecture utilises multilevel and oblique surfaces to engage with the public whilst still providing private and flexible spaces for students to curate their own performances, using the building surfaces as their stage.