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Newcastle Digital Library by Allan Pearson


LOCATION:   Laman Street, Newcastle

Public libraries sit at the edge of irrelevance in a society which is always ‘connected’ and has the ability to ‘download’ information at any time and in any place. For libraries to successfully make the transition from the traditional to the digital world they must become more interactive spaces, embrace new media and provide new services to the community.

The Newcastle Digital Library responds to the recent destruction of Laman Street by creating a ‘public living room’ in the heart of the Newcastle CBD. This operable indoor-outdoor space occupies the entire ground floor, overlooks Civic Park and creates a unique and freely accessible multipurpose space. This library service focuses on technology that is not commonly available in the home and includes audio and video production and processing facilities. Through the provision of specialised services and quality public space the public library can embrace technology and can once again become the focal point of the Newcastle community.

Allan Pearson