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Autism Centre, by Nadiah Salihah Binti Nasrudin

The Autism Centre for Children in Newcastle is located at Carrington Parade, New Lambton.

There are several issues behind this project that have been discovered through research and study. NSW has the highest number of children with ASD and it is increasing from one year to another. These children need a special treatment and environment but unfortunately some of them have been put in public schools, in the same class as non-affected children.

The project will create awareness to the public about autistic children who have a neurological developmental disability that affects their social interaction and communication, sensory integration and repetitive pattern of behaviour.

The project will show how architecture and nature can play a big role in supporting those children and in creating autism friendly environment which acts indirectly  as part of their natural therapy. These will include several aspects that can have an impact on children’s sensory experience, such as building material, space, lighting, ventilation and natural elements incorporated from the selected site. The design approach that will be applied is phenomenological architecture.