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Newcastle Laboratory of Future Thinking by Benn Giles

LOCATION:   Crn Hunter & Auckland Street, Newcastle

This project is about creating a research facility centred in Newcastle that examines biomimicry and all its possible outcomes in the design world. There are two facets of biomimicry to this project first being the program within the spaces (the research) and second being an examination of biomimicry through the architecture (the design process and end result). There are two ways in which to examine biomimicry through design first is to replicate or mimic nature which is NOT what I am preforming here but rather examining how and why the natural world works (the process) through its longer than man trial on design and than basing my architecture on that.

The project consists of laboratory spaces with adjoining offices, auditorium, a library and an atrium space housing an exhibition zone, cafe and horticultural testing zones both on ground level and on vertical walls surrounding the building. Hunter and King streets are connected by a new laneway that feeds into the main community area of the project also including a re-design of Christie Place featuring a courtyard surrounded by external exhibition spaces that feeds off the internal space.

Benn Giles