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Lake Macquarie Quay by Bradley Phillips


LOCATION:   Belmont, on Lake Macquarie, NSW
The Lake Macquarie Quay project has been established to demonstrate the potential for public use at the waters edge. The project explores how architecture governs the hierarchy established by water (ephemeral flux) with land (terra firma) and provides a suggested format to address the shortcomings of an elitist clique. The typology cannot be derived from a simple building classification, rather a complex understanding of public use and more specifically, pedestrian activity.

The LMQ project attempts to break the constraints of a traditional linear relationship associated with “the jetty” to harmonize with the flux and fluidity of the lake and surrounding urban context. The adjacent Cullen Park is resurrected from its existing abandoned and derelict state, to extend out over the lake with the aquatic baths and timber boat museum programs.

The project endeavours to provide a forum on how we may address a gated waterfront with architecture and the greater urban fabric.

Bradley Phillips