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Canyon Colliery Research Centre by Anthony Durack

Located at Bell, in the Greater Blue Mountains, Canyon Colliery Research Centre offers research fellows who conduct field work in the World Heritage listed Grose Valley a place to stay and retreat to in order to finish their field work without having to leave the immediate area.

The chosen site was the former Canyon Colliery head works office that operated from the 1940’s up until 1997. During this time, and even still to present day, the mine has been leeching toxic metals into the surrounding creeks that become the lifeline to the Grose River. While half of the building aims to accommodate the occupants the other half aims to help clean and restore the water to its natural levels by channeling it through a series of sandstone water filters before allowing it flow on its intended course.  Public visitation is encouraged to help educate and watch land rehabilitation taking effect but with restricted access to certain parts of the building.