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Carrington Community Centre by Fara Amilia Mat Isa

Carrington Community Centre and Artists Studios

Carrington is a small ‘island’ mainly comprised of residential and industrial development, located near Newcastle CBD across Throsby Creek. Carrington contains a few healthy and active community activities which are primarily sports. Healthy social activities such as walking down streets and visiting neighbors are also present however less developed. This project aims to create a social activity that could be joined by all social groups in Carrington and its vicinity, be it the old, young, working, home-based, families and professionals.

The concept of “Porosity” reflects the loose program of homes, streets, and social activity in Carrington. The project enhances the porosity of Carrington by creating access across the site, access throughout the building, and access to the building programs.

The Carrington Community Centre and Artists Studio is mainly designed as a gathering place for the inhabitants of Carrington, where they not only come together to socialize and spend time with each other, but also undertake a productive activity with the help of the artists and any interested individuals in workshops, galleries and open spaces. The flexibility of the architecture made it to be easily utilized by the community to house a range of social functions and activities, as well as being a potential icon to the character of Carrington.