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Coffee House by Simeon Grew


LOCATION:  Crown St Newcastle

Coffee House – re-calibration of the urban fabric

Cafés are at the heart of urban myths, they are celebrated as physical places and as somehow intangible sacred halls where works of art have been produced, revolutions plotted, lives made and hearts broken. The cafe is many things: an object of nostalgia, a stage for inventing oneself, a place for creating relationships and a home. Cafe life represents one aspect of the ways in which people from different backgrounds have come to terms with transitory existence in the modern metropolis. For many, they were one of the few places in which these experiences could be negotiated in a space situated between private and public life spheres and between work and leisure.

This project located located on the existing ‘Lucky Country’ site in Newcastle explores the hidden value in existing space which the city holds, it aims to bring to the surface ideas of re-use and revival through dislocations, de-constructions and reconstructions re-calibrating the urban fabric, forming complex future urban morphologies which can be built upon whilst retaining the remnants of the city. This project provides a framework for further rehabilitation of lost space within the city of Newcastle.

Simeon Grew