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Cultural Bridging Model by Murali Sundaralingam

PROJECT LOCATION: Parramatta, Australia

The word ‘multiculture’ is often mentioned when Australian demographics are discussed.  However the word ‘multiculture’ usually remains in demographics and not as such in the urban fabric. This inturn causes the build up of cultural clusters int he urban fabric.

The cultural Bridging Model is a transitional facility aimed to provide services to newly released persons who have arrived in Australia under the humanitarian program and the local population. The facility is located in an area of high pedestrian traffic of the local population, which exposes and creates opportunities for interaction and ultimately achieving a form of cultural adjustment of both focus groups of newly released migrants and the local population.

The project is located in Parramatta adjacent to the proposed pedestrian way from the CBD to Parramatta river, as part of the proposed masterplan of Parramatta Council.