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Defence Arts Therapy Centre, by Joe Larkings

We, all of us, unfortunately still avert our eye when we see a mental illness, it’s just something we find uncomfortable. Well in the case of those who have suffered mental trauma in war that’s doubly unfair… PTSD is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s normal, and its part of what happens when you go through very tough experiences. And I hope that people will get that message, keep getting that message and get the help that they deserve.” – General John Cantwell, 7:30, March 25 2013

The support and recovery of returned service people, and indeed people with all forms of mental and physical health issues, is a perennial issue in society, and one which seems to bubble to the surface but not be directly addressed.

A prominent architecture on a scenic but under-utilised public space provides therapy and catharsis for not only returned service men and women but the public also. An archaeological approach to program, site and form shapes the Defence Arts Therapy Centre, acknowledging the violence and histories involved with conflicts and their tangible influence on public space.