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Cottage Creek Cycleway by Ezdihar Ibrahim


LOCATION: Cottage Creek, Newcastle

“Cycling as a third state of consciousness, after waking and sleeping”. The call for sustainable transportation has brought the use of vast network of bicycle lane in cities. However these network are not properly connected to multitude facilities. The cycleway is a vision to encourage and promote cycle transport in cities by creating connector between the cycle lane network and various urban facilities.

The site which is the Cottage Creek is an underutilized resource that, coupled with the other waterways in Newcastle, could result in success similar to other cities but on a scale for Newcastle. The Cottage Creek Cycleway would be a park-setting cycle track. This is a plan to rehabilitate waterways, let cycling and e-bikes serve us for transport.

The proposed loop promises an even greater boost to bicycle transport, across many more suburbs. It enhances the City to University bike route, the East-West cycleway to Lambton, and the City to Fernleigh Track route.

Ezdihar Ibrahim