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Façade by Ange Segal

“Ignorance, then, is the speciest’s first line of defence. Yet it is easily breached by anyone with the time and determination to find out the truth.” – Peter Singer, Animal Liberation.

‘Façade’ is a conceptual design that challenges and questions the cosmetics industry. Located on the corner of Pitt and Market Street in the Sydney CBD, the design consists of an animal-testing laboratory surrounding a makeup and cosmetics department store that is open to the public. The consumer is confronted by live animal testing in the laboratory, visible to the public from the street. After entering Façade, the consumer then has the ability to purchase cruelty-free or non-cruelty-free makeup.

Façade presents the question of whether or not the blatant spectacle of animal testing would affect your decision to buy cosmetics tested on animals, and if it would influence you to rather choose a cruelty-free product. Does the killing and abuse of animals need to be happening in front of our eyes for it to end?

The architectural concept of Façade aims to convey the barbarity that is animal testing, while exposing the naivety of consumers and the world to this relevant issue.