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The Co-Operative by Gemma Savio


LOCATION:  ‪19 Martin Place, Sydney

The co-operative project is positioned as a critique of our current social climate. The project serves as a vehicle through which to explore the fundamental flaws in our banking system and the imbalance of wealth distribution that exists as a result. The co-operative project aims to empower the 99% by providing architecture for social change.

Located in Martin Place, Sydney the co-operative provides a legitimate platform for an alternative system of trade. Architecture is used within the project to legitimise subversive economic practice and establish an alternative model that will operate in direct competition with the corporate entities that dominate the site.

The co-operative project is activist in theory and inclusive in practice. The project asks the individual to question the corporate banking sector and create a collective resistance against the corrupt ideology of the global model of privatized corporate finance.

Gemma Savio