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IPCSA by Amir Taheri

International Planetary Center for Spiritual Assembly

The project is a proposal for the headquarter complex of the IPCSA, an international non-governmental organization whose purpose is to bring delegates from all nations of Earth together under the same roof in order to form a global assembly, Initiating a discourse between them through a culture of peace and coexistence focused on intercultural and interfaith dialogue and reconciliation across the planet.

The proposal for the complex is situated on an expansion of nine square grid diagram on a site of 81 x 81 meters in south west of city of Jerusalem, anchored on a 45 degrees axis from the heart of the old city of David which has been the center of spiritual activity for over three millennia and remains home to sacred sites to all three of the Abrahamic religions today.

The building’s program includes a generous entrance lobby, library and archives, a colossal assembly hall under a 48 meters diameter dome, a longitudinal office block housing three levels of office spaces and last but not least an observation platform accessible through the dome, providing a spectacular view towards the Temple Mount.