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Islington Housing by Rebecca Evans

Islington Housing suggests an alternative approach to the speculative investment model we are currently reliant on to produce density in urban environments. It empowers individuals with the right to build their own homes, at their own pace, within a simplified construction system.

Adjacent to the Tighes Hill TAFE, the housing is strategically located to bring life and diversity to a challenging site. The urban layout follows the natural curve of the tidal waterway with communal infrastructure supporting the ever developing narrative of occupation.

Taking advantage of the efficiencies of the terrace house, prefabricated inhabitable walls collectively define the public interface and become the structural spine for an accretional housing process.

These walls serve an adjacent open space for an eventual dwelling, built as required to the diversity of each inhabitant. This allows them to develop in response to the values of use rather than the standard requirements of an economic imperative.