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Jack Gillmer

Self Interpretation of the Surroundings

Phone: 0413 814 566

Yirannali “place of falling rocks”, is a culturally significant place within the Indigenous community that was enduringly inaccessible.

“Waking a Consciousness” rejuvenates Yirannali
as a ‘place’, as there’s a haunting placelessness lingering leaving a divided ‘space’. The project becomes especially site speci c as a colossal interactive artwork derived from Indigenous concepts in collaboration with architectural phenomenology to promote individual interpretation of the surrounding latency, environment and geomorphology. It becomes a place of knowledge, storytelling, performance, a place for people from all walks of life to connect, comparable with the workings of the site to the pre-colonised local Aboriginal people in a contemporary approach.The project evokes stories from the past, present and the future