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Newcastle House of Arts by Jacob Griffith


LOCATION:  Newcastle, NSW

‪The former Victoria Theatre, located on Perkins Street in the Newcastle CBD, was once an important cultural venue and played a vital role in the cultural and social development of Newcastle. Today, after years of neglect and disrepair, the theatre is derelict and part of the ongoing urban decay Newcastle is currently experiencing. The NHA project explores the renewal processes of abandoned and decaying buildings within an urban context and centres on restoring and developing the cultural and creative roles that once existed on the site. The project aims to act as an informal place for artists and the wider community to gather for cultural events and exhibitions organized by the artists which occupy the building.

The NHA proposal includes the restoration of the existing Proscenium within the Victoria Theatre, a Black Box theatre, temporary and permanent art galleries and exhibition spaces, twenty-two creative labs and studios, workshop and retail spaces for artists, cafes, and an external courtyard for various functions. The NHA project investigates the ways in which new architecture can respond to old and endeavours to merge the the two in an interesting and unique way so that the users may themselves become another layer in the history of the Victoria Theatre.

Jacob Griffith
0403 668 659