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Railway Lane Clinic by Jemima Manton


LOCATION: Newtown, Sydney

Throughout the progression of 20th and 21st century consumerism, there has been a shift in focus from the idea of ‘status through materiality’ to an increasing focus on the ‘body beautiful’ as representative of social self-identity. This shift has subsequently been reflected in architecture, in the evolution of the market to the main street to arcades and malls and also in other sites of consumption; such as bars, day clinics, spas and gyms.

21st century medical science is now able to sculpt the status conscious human body into any form or veneer it desires. This consumption and display of the body beautiful partially relies on its architectural framing; specific spaces and sites will encourage or highlight consumptive behaviours relating to self and ego.

Specifically, this project pivots around a discussion of Michel Foucult’s notion of the socially constructed body. It dissects behaviours of public consumption and commodity, false facades and masques, and indulges in dissemination of ritual and theocratic lifestyle modification. Architectural elements focus on heightened awareness of self, of others, and of a critique of ‘measurement’ in a variety of ways.

Jemima Manton