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Newcastle Industrial Museum by Malcom Lim


LOCATION:  Dyke Point, Carrington

The idea of the project is to embrace and reflect the industrial history and becomes a visual landmark of the Newcastle, the city that has a distinct industrial and cultural character that derives from a rich and active history as an industrial centre for the growing colonies of early Australia. The project will reactivate the suburb due to its unique physical site condition and location.

The site is located at Dyke Point, Carrington suburb and the area is used to be an isolated land, hermeti­cally secured and not accessible to the public.

On the surrounding between land and water, the building design adapts with each viewpoint, thus finding itself in a constant dialogue with its surroundings. Its radiance overcomes the city’s natural divide and historic lifeline, and is defined by its interaction with the surroundings, its positioning, and geometry.

Malcom Lim