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The Repository by Nathan Curran


LOCATION: Catherine Hill Bay, Australia

This final year design project is a critique on the development of the coal industry in the hunter valley and the subsequent effects to landscape and identity. It questions the despoiled landscapes and subsequent erasure of identity, history and meaning through looking at archivisation and exhibition from various outlooks.

Architecture in Transformation – the Repository of Catherine Hill Bay,  is a deployed architecture that appropriates a contested towns decommissioned mining jetty and coal storage bins into archives that map and document transformations in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle landscapes.  It deals with the creation and dissemination of knowledge, the physicality of which creates a looming architecture of estrangement.  The appropriation of the old wharf aims to dichotomize the once existing function that it was intended.

Rather than a condemnation of a specific industry, however, this design project is intended as an aesthetic response to such despoiled landscapes, ‘the enchantment of the aesthetically rejected subject’.
Nathan Curran