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Newcastle Centre of Dianetics by Hadzray Amer

Dianetics is a set of ideas that tackles the fundamentals of thinking, by addressing the metaphysical relationship between the mind and body.  Dianetics was formed  by personal experience of L. Ron Hubbard and commonly practiced by Scientologist worldwide. The fundamental of Dianetics revolves on the success of dividing the mind into three separate parts, the conscious ‘Analytical Mind’, the subconscious ‘Reactive Mind’, and the Somatic Mind.  The practice of accessing the practitioner’s mind is called ‘Auditing’. The idea of auditing will act as a core to the spatial design of the architecture.  The playability of spaces in this centre will create a dynamic environment for the practitioners to experience Dianetics. The Alpine Auditing Chamber located at the east side of the complex will provide the upmost unique experience for the practitioners. This unique space provides an upmost privacy while retaining the transparency of the space by elevating the whole chamber 18 meters up to the sky without the presents of stairs.  The vast contrast of architectural design applied to the auditing chambers will strengthen the experience of the practitioners. This distinctive approach will uplift the architecture to a whole new level, literally.

Newcastle Centre of Dianetics by Hadzray Amer from hadzray on Vimeo.