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Newcastle City Fodder Factory – Newcastle Railway Station by Jessica Garnham (Hume)

The Newcastle City Fodder Factory explores the possibilities that arrive when we bring agricultural industry into the city. The Fodder Factory is neither organic nor industrial; it is an efficient ‘closed loop’ factory based on the needs to feed a community. While most waste enters the traditional waste stream, the Fodder Factory farms its waste in addition to food encouraging community interaction through donation; the more re-purposed waste the more food and power (electricity) is produced.

We are detached from the source of our food. Censorship, hygiene and the supermarkets ability to store, import and ‘clean up’ its perceived image have furthered this disconnect. The Fodder Factory in contrast is the dirty honest wilderness of food production. Thoreau wrote in Walking, “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” Can cities and a ‘new’ wildness thrive in tandem? Proposing alternatives to what we deem essential public space, the park and urban landscape has its meaning shifted from materialistic gifted importance to utility. The typology of the farm becomes a direct social commentary within the city, as a hub for community building, awareness and a model for future urban agriculture.