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Newcastle City Library By Wan Hanafiah Asyraf

Libraries have been the central point of information collection that has been opened to the public and gradually evolving through the years. This development would not be succeeded without the input of new ideas and theories especially through on architecture language.

The Newcastle City Library redevelopment proposal is in conjunction towards the debate between the lord mayor and the citizen of Newcastle on the existing Newcastle Library located in Laman Street. The existing proposal was disagreed due to its unclear intention and representation including its historical heritage and architecture.

The idea is to explore the opportunity on the current establishment and its surrounding to further enhance the potential of current library. The approach towards the library is by attaining the existing and improves its quality in term of space, circulation and the library system. This redevelopment will include the rearrangement of spaces and spatial hierarchy which will boost its efficiency and effectiveness in terms of organization, education and public amenities.