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Newcastle Cultural Annexes by Noel Yaxley

The Newcastle Cultural Annexes set forward a program for the reuse and re-purposing of forgotten or residual spaces within the City of Newcastle. This first proposition stretches between four sites within Newcastle’s The Hill, spanning from; the Obelisk Hill, Arcadia Park, No.1 Brown St Reservoir, to the Shipping Marker on Tyrrell Street. The project responds to the role of art within our modern urban context which must be distilled to enhance the individuals experience and challenge their understanding whilst potentially offering new insights.

The proposed program breathes new life into historic water reservoir structures by drawing on people’s desire to interact with art as a means of constructing a new way of genuinely experiencing their urban context. Unlike typical art galleries, the Reservoir Spaces are not sub-servant to the object which traditionally gives that space purpose, they instead focus on the experiential, posing a fundamentally different idea of what art is, and how it engages. A number of threshold spaces are designed that place the participant into a journey, a narrative if you will, between Action (artist-in-residence reservoir) and Receiver (the reservoir gallery).