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OCCUPY: Barangaroo by Kristina Hay

The right to the city “manifests itself as a superior form of rights: [the] right to freedom, to individualization in socialization, to habitat and inhabit. The right to the oeuvre [work], to participation and appropriation, are implied in the right to the city.” Henri Lefevre – Writings on Cities pg174

Occupy: Barangaroo is a design project that explores public space as an accessible, connective and activated element within the city. It investigates what Barangaroo could and should still be – a theatre for public life that encourages all scales of gatherings, events, inhabitation and interaction.

The site has a rich history where the physical, cultural and social environment has continually been made and remade to reflect the values and interests of the time. Barangaroo has now come to represent everything that is corrupt about the governing of the city, where short-term economic and political gains far outweigh the public’s interests.

In contrast to the current development, the focus of the design is to create a continual public space that connects Barangaroo to its existing city context. The distinction between public and private space is purposely blurred to encourage diverse social and cultural interactions. The project includes the design of a multi-storey adaptable structure that allows for a network of residential and workspace modules to be inserted. It is a socially, and environmentally considered project, exploring the need for buildings to adapt to constant changes in use and new technologies.