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[ONE] Interfaith Temple by Jeevitha Subramaniam

It is about time we mature spiritually by moving towards the unity and oneness of religions instead of creating a barrier and divisiveness among us. A platform to celebrate differences, recognize commonalities and embrace the uniqueness of all religion is very much needed in many parts of the world. This particular project is proposed to be built in the city of Newcastle.

The project focuses on uniting the presence of tangible and intangible; building and emotion, and humans and god in one space. Light and water manifest itself differently in different religions, they undoubtedly hold an imperative meaning to all. Thus, when the presence of nature is reduced to merely light and water, it takes on a highly abstract character in a built environment; where pure architecture evolves with the passage of time.

Placed beneath the reflective pool of water, the main prayer hall induces a sense of space that will make worshippers muse on how powerful the play of light is; reflecting, filtering and altering the movement of water with time.