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Ourimbah Equine Facility by Rhian Leek

The project stems from having a long term passion for horses, horse riding and horsemanship and understanding that a special bond of partnership like no other can be formed between horse and human. Being able to put your trust in such a large animal when competing in any horse discipline or simply enjoying their magnificence and having an understanding with one another certainly evokes great sentiments that are one of a kind. Knowing that many other people in the horse industry share this view means they understand the importance of looking after their partner, particularly if they want them to perform at their peak.

For this reason, the Ourimbah Equine Facility consists of an equine hospital comprising state of the art minor and major surgery, imaging, radiology and breeding facilities.To accompany these facilities are specialised stable amenities for surgery patients and breeding patients and on-site accommodation for veterinarians, vet nurses and students. The other component of the project is an indoor arena for use as an equine therapy centre, which offers an alternative therapy for humans to the standard psychotherapy currently available. This side of the design is intended to take in appropriate “wastage” from the horse racing industry to use as the tools for providing the therapy.

The project is located midway between Newcastle and Sydney on the Central Coast which was recognised as an optimum location for a new facility. This locality would service a large area with numerous identified studs, horse businesses and spelling complexes with some including high profile clients.

The Ourimbah Equine Facility intends to place the needs of the horse above the needs of anything else in all aspects of the design. It is a celebration of an animal that has transitioned from serving centuries as a beast of burden, working for humans, to being a much loved and cherished treasure that can bring joy and pleasure to the lives of many, or capture a nation.