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Psych Boutique Hotel and Clubhouse by Mohd Reza Afandy Mohamad Radzi


LOCATION:  1 Ordnance St, Newcastle

Architecture and “building has the ability to reshape those who inhabit them.” – Alberti

The intention of this thesis was initiated from the well recognized thought of why does a hospital feel like a martyr place when it should be a place of healing?

Hospital as boutique hotel
Hotel as boutique hospital

Increasingly, the community lives in our society are changing, due to the complex and diverse social pressure and problems. The loss of tradition community support is evident among the at-risk population such as adults with mental health illness, whose conditions are varied with difficulties such as personal disability, widespread poverty, and the lack of power to influence other. Rather than providing support, society tends to alienate and isolate them.

Since ‘The Richmond Report’ presented in 1983, New South Wales Government is set to deinstitutionalise patients from large public psychiatric hospitals. Patient is hospitalized for a short period of time, and then return to their live prior to the hospitalization. Often, hospital staff and psychiatrist are not involved with patient’s life outside the hospital facility. Patients are left alone dealing stigma of their health and social condition.

 ‘A halfway home care service’

The skewed perceptions and increased environmental sensitivity of mental health patients demand a critical rethinking of the way in which architectural space is conceived and understood. Building from existing theories, this project offers a new model for mental health treatment, through architecture and sound (and music), which will also acts as a medium for social acceptance and interactions.