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Reconnecting the North Arm by Wade Fairley

Before the Main North Rail Line connected Gosford with Sydney, the waterways branching from Broken Bay were heavily utilised for trade, tourism and transport, between Sydney, Pittwater and the Brisbane Water areas. The Gosford Wharf was the central hub for this activity, bringing travellers from Sydney as well as swarms of locals to buy, sell and socialise at the weekly markets. The ships arriving from Sydney not only kept Gosford informed from access to frequent post and the latest Sydney newspapers, they also took back with them timber, sandstone and citrus, to be sold in the NSW capital.

Today, with high quality rail and road options available, the wharf is no longer an important connection to Gosford. Instead, the wharf has been disconnected from the city, largely unused and in need of repair, and lack of amenity stops the community from utilising the waterfront as the picturesque public space it should be.

This project looks to the past in order to understand the importance of the wharf, and the connection it has with the city of Gosford. By understanding the history of Gosford, and the importance that the waterfront had in the development of the town, we can explore the same principles and adapt them today.