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[Re]constructing Nobbys by Dean Williams

Newcastle wants for a world-class performance space. The city, however, lacks the economic capacity to fund such a development.

Exploring the current concepts of development and the way that we design and implement modern architecture, this project is inspired by the monumental 30 year construction of Newcastle’s most iconic site; Nobbys Headland.

The construction and decapitation of Nobbys headland in the early 1800′s was one of the most environmentally destructive acts in Australia’s history. As a critique on this original re-development of the headland, the project is a self-constructing machine that uses infrastructure from nearby industrial sites as the structure of the scheme. The re-use of these building materials preserves the memory of the city’s industrial past, and reflects the history of the iconic site.

The current process of constructing our cities is fast. Modern technologies are transforming the way we construct architecture and the ways in which we interact with the environments around us.

The [Re] construction of Nobbys Headland will seek to explore a different model of construction, one which relies on the passage of time. The project inverts the existing attitude of construction, creating a model of congealed construction over 30 years; whereby workers inhabit the project. As occupants increase, it becomes public. Housing is sold off and construction infrastructure is reconfigured to become public amenity for the city. The project increases revenue and allows the construction to continue toward the final completion of the Nobbys Performance Space.