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Bull Street Housing Co-operative by Andrew Carlsen

Those who have not yet lived and those who have lived so much. It is through learning from the past, links through time, and connections to our ancestry, that the future of our communities relies.
Yet social distinctions between the young and old, boundaries and separations defined by perceptions have caused this innate connection to become undervalued in society.
Bull Street Housing Co-operative aims to address this issue through the adaptive re-use of a building once known as ‘the people’s building’, yet which sits ironically alienating from its context, awaiting vision for a new communal use.
A collective of buildings are proposed to be inserted into the hard edged, concrete plinth of the brutalist structure. Open to a mix of generations, active at various times of the day, a series of playful courtyards stemming from a child care center at the corner of Bull and Arnott Street lead city inhabitants through to community workshops, weaving this space into the urban fabric.
Within the building collective, the child care and elderly housing are at opposing ends of the site, connected by courtyards, lined with multi-generational housing, and community gardens. Strong connections to the courtyards are fundamental to the sense of community and unity within the collective.
Institutional shell turned community hub, the Bull Street Housing provides a vision for the future of community in the heart of Newcastle.