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Residual Newcastle Project by Cho Ling

The Residual Newcastle Project aims to employ invention within residual urban space as a catalyst for Architectural transformation. The goal is to design building and environment that could be used for a variety of programs, be built on by the community, be designed so that the art, culture and architecture is interactive, and could be transformed by the users of the space.

The project makes use of a residual urban space that would otherwise remain largely disused and inaccessible. The project explores how the space could be redesigned to give a sense of ownership and how culturally diverse identity can be carried out to unify areas of the city that have been severed by urban renewal.

The Residual spaces of a city are significant as a means for transgressive interaction and encounters, as well as providing a setting for transitions and interactions between parts of the city, in this case, between 3 major intersections, Hunter, King and Darby Street.

Investigating how left over space, or poorly designed building blocks have left the nature of public spaces in Newcastle in a state where it barely exists. This proposal aims to re-define an existing Newcastle inner city block, through an evolving process over time of varied programming (back of existing buildings), including Roof top Restaurant, Lounge Bars, Open roof Noodle Bar, Public Bath House, Civic Hostel and Turkish & Vietnamese Coffee House.