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Semai Aborigine Culture Centre by Ain Zawawi

This project is aimed to educate the Semai Aborigine community and public community especially Malaysian and also people all around the world. Besides, to preserve the Semai Aborigin Culture, belief and tradition that slowly becomes extinct. By concentrating upon the Semai Aborigin traditional house as a beacon of fundamental comprehension, we can preserve the environment of Semai Aborigin settlement by specifying their pattern of settlement, routine, culture and belief.

As the statistic will show, the number of Semai Aborigin that effected by the development thus, their culture and settlement become extinct. The project proposes an adaptable architecture designed to endure the Semai Aborigin background. The desired outcome exists within the architectural connectivity the Semai Aborigin culture, tradition and belief towards the design of the Semai Aborigin Centre as a whole.