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Newcastle Habitable Bridge by Sherna Sulianto


LOCATION: Cowper Street Bridge, Newcastle

Habitable bridge is the inhabited bridges provides a continuity within the urban fabric that is not only social and economic but also cultural, emotional and symbolic at a point where a natural break would otherwise exist – ‘Indeed, habitable bridge is both seductive and functional’.

The project is situated at Cowper Street Bridge. This bridge is the main connection from Wickham to Carrington. Earlier, Carrington was known as a home for Aboriginal people where they were able to fishing, gathering oysters and mud crab in that area. But nowadays it turns to mix residential, commercial and industrial development.

At the moment, the bridge is only used as a linkage for vehicles to cross the Throsby Creek. Therefore, the new proposal is trying to activatethe suburb area and make the bridge become a habitable place. An Aboriginal Art Gallery, markets along the bridge and hotel will become a new proposal that camouflage with the original bridge.

Sherna Febryani Sulianto