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Spiritual Martial Arts School with a Bath of Flower by Nuraimi Idris


LOCATION: 3 Ordanance Street, The Hill, Newcastle

The big issue for martial art is, it is left behind in the new technology era. There are, still, a numbers of practitioners, which only take the skill as self-disciplinary or hobby, while a small number of them who take this subject as their religion, their way of life. The essential purpose of martial arts suits the ancestor’s way of living; they run from enemies, from danger, from natural disaster. Thus, it is important for them to protect their shelter, family, and themselves by practicing a combat skill that relates to their belief.

Design ideologies of this project are based on Silat Spirituality, which include an existence of a bathhouse concurrent with the school’s existence. Thus, a site selected is a site that relates to both spaces. The issue behind this project is from the lack of spiritual understanding in today’s Martial Art. Silat (a Malay Martial Arts) is selected as the study model for the martial arts, to show the connection between spirituality with architecture and and to measure the transformation of spirituality from the traditionally martial art, to the current sports-based martial art. From there, this project will become a satellite version of Silat School at The Hill, to a larger scale Silat School in Malacca, Malaysia.