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Stadium Puteri Harbour by Norman Teh

The project tackles the theme of a large sporting infrastructure in an environment of great value.

My proposal was to preserve the environmental integrity of the area. A 50,000 seating stadium will be embedded underground at Puteri (Princess) harbour, south of the City of Johor in Malaysia, right opposite Singapore. The typology of an urban structure such as the Colosseum was considered in context of the gentle site of Puteri harbour.

Instead of having a conventional inwards contained stadium, the audience are able to experience beyond the field and towards to surrounding areas outside of the stadium, making it more than just a sports palace.

The unorthodox idea of a landscape (park) that becomes part of a building, turns the stadium inside out. By having a public space running across the roof of the stadium, it provides an opportunity for people to overlook the stadium during it’s off days intending to activate the place all times throughout the year.


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