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Stockton Pools by Rachel Wilkes

Stockton Pools is a universal community and high performance aquatic centre established due to a need for improved training and competition facilities within the region. Expressly designed to meet needs of a growing community and to harness sporting prowess, the pools are a combination of recreational and professional facilities.

The high performance centre is the focus of the design with the objective to provide a world class venue capable of day to day training as well as adapting to host sporting events to an international standard. The introduction of 20m and 27m high diving facilities denotes the first of its kind in Australia, attracting divers from around the globe and it is envisioned that emerging athletes will have the opportunity to interact and emulate their elite counterparts through training and opportunities to participate in the spectacle.

Stockton’s vast industrial history has been an inspiration to the design with consideration given to function and emergent needs ensuring the venue accommodates future sporting expectations.