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The Bathhouse by Mahrizah Othman

The Bathhouse, Catherine Hill Bay

Set in a beautiful landscape that is now largely dedicated as national park, the project reacts to the derelict coal mine industry, drawing from the relationship between man and nature. Reusing the abandoned washery and pier at Catherine Hill Bay, the proposal of a Bathhouse and Visitor Centre is a synthesis of new spaces that is relevance of time and place.

The Bathhouse provides spaces for relaxation and wellness of body and soul. The program reflected its historical context; processing and washing of the coal for it is now a space for body and soul purification through the process of bathing and meditation. Daylight and water become the ‘materials’, utilised to heighten the sensory experience creating an interaction between spaces and cleansing procession.

Image credit: Catherine Hill Bay village 1989, Kenny Patterson

Mahrizah Othman