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Moocooboola by Jasmine Richardson

Moocooboola; the meeting of waters

This project is an investigation of Cockatoo Island as a space of ‘otherness’, disconnected from, yet intimately linked with its surroundings. As the island sits in a state of silence & abandonment, it offers visitors the opportunity to disconnect oneself from the chaotic city and everyday life beyond its boundary.

Moocooboola presents an architectural vision expressing and drawing on these qualities of solitude and otherness. Sitting paradoxically in the midst of the decaying silence of the site, the project is a utopian vision for a public oneiric house.

Exploring the latent potential of the site, the design reveals 3 hidden convict silos within the sandstone cliff. Water is channeled from the opening of these silos through the carved passages, down and around the ‘house’, eventually dropping off at the east edge of the island. Timber and steel elements are inserted within the sandstone, with light shafts allowing natural light entry. Cladding is removed from the existing Machine Sheds, opening the formerly enclosed building to reveal a new space linking the water to the interior.