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The Newcastle Exchange by Edward Page

The Newcastle Exchange challenges the current paradigm of building development in our city. This project seeks to provide a non-government; privately/publically funded; community driven development implementation agency for Newcastle.

The genesis for this idea lies in John Bingle’s original exchange which, in 1856, heralded Newcastle’s independence and autonomy from Sydney with the provision of King Edward Reserve solely for the citizens of the fledgling colony.

Rather than add to the existing bureaucratic mess, the challenge for this project is to take the decision making for community relevant projects out of the shady hands of incompetent government and self-interested developers, while providing a balance between the various and sometimes contradictory voices of the many Novocastrian interest groups.

To do so, would be of much benefit for our great city. The potential of which was evident for Bingle when he wrote in 1873:

I venture to prophesy that Newcastle will take the lead of all the colonies; and if the consumption and demand for coal (…) continues at it’s present, Newcastle must become one of the greatest cities in the Southern Hemisphere, in wealth and prosperity.

It requires us as citizens to bury all paltry jealousies and unite for the advancement of our city, and as its progress is developed, our interests, which are identical, will also go onward, and the years in store for us will cause greater moral and commercial successes to be achieved than have been chronicled in either the Past and Present Records of Newcastle.

– John Bingle, 1873.