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The Shelter by Yolian Chin

Ba•lance  (noun)  \’ba-lən(t)s\  |
Mental and emotional steadiness
– Merriam-webster dictionary

“Healing is not a process of curing or fixing,
but rather a return to balance.”
– Alex Stark, Buildings that heal: energetic criteria for healing environments

The damage of domestic abuse can transcend beyond the physical – spreading within the emotional, psychological and spiritual realms of human experience. The Shelter Project strives to use architecture to restore the balance within the lives of fractured victims and to re-establish harmony within the self, becoming an instrument for healing.
Nature, with its restorative qualities, becomes the core of the project design that aspires to rebalance the hardness and harshness of the built environment. It allows the fractured to reconnect to entities beyond a sense of self, providing opportunities for detachment and otherness; while adversely enabling refocus on the self. Nature, hence, could provide a space in which one can connect both with the self and everything beyond. It can maintain balance.
The project behaves as a ‘support system’ to a better state: providing initial protection, while more importantly, creating exposure to balance and nature that attempt to empower the victims to rebuild a life after domestic violence.